Holiday cards are priced lower than everyday cards - $10.50 for a bundle of six. Eight bundle minimum  = $84 minimum per order. No minimum on holiday reorders. 

I haven't set these up on the shopping cart as net 30 terms are not available here. Email me your choices and I will send a bill with your order. kathy.letmedesignitforyou@gmail.com

These images are from vintage postcards. I just love them! They are especially fun to adjust and alter; I make them just a little bit mine with my graphic design touches. 

Thanks so much for your interest and support!


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'Still Visualizing World Peace' 
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'Wishing you a playful holiday!' 
'Sing Your Own Holiday Song' 
'Rejoice in the Light' 
'Every year the fox family agreed...' 
'Wishing You Comfort and Joy' 
'May You be with Your
 Cherished Ones....' 
'In This and All Seasons...' 
'Wishing Joy on Your Journey' 
'Joyful Solstice!' 
'Little Gift' 
'Have Yourself Some Merry Little Mischief!'
'Wishing You a Season of Sweetness' 
'Naughty or Nice?!?' 
'Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas!' 
'Is that an icicle in your pocket?' 
'Love and Joy Come to You' 
'Woof! Happy Holidays!' 
'That Feeling of Home for the Holidays' 
'Christmas Greetings' - 
Lady in yellow 
'May You Be Touched by the Magic of Christmas' 
"It's the most wonderful time of the year!' 
'Ice and Snow and Mistletoe'
'Warm Holiday Wishes to You and Yours'
'Deck the Halls'
'Wishing you your heart's delight'
'At Home in Our Hearts for the Holidays'