Woman on Fire

There is a creative fire that burns in my soul. Unless that fire is stoked I feel an emptiness and a restlessness. It was not until my sixtieth year, however, that I turned my attention to the camera, the computer and paint. My fire was out; drowned in a well of icy grief from the loss of my sister. I began to hear her voice in my ear urging me on. She appeared as my muse and I began The Baldwin Sister’s Collaboration project. Teresa was an amazing photographer and I embellished some of her photos with graphic images. I felt a deep connection with her again and something other than grief in my heart.

Shortly thereafter, I spent Christmas day with my close friend, Eliza Bundledee. We were both away from family for the holiday and we used our time to paint and create collages. By the end of the day I felt empowered to call myself an artist—I was on fire! A month and a half later, Valentine’s Day 2011, I had my first art opening with Eliza.

Today, I use a variety of media: photography, digital collage, acrylic, image transfers, and collage, impressionistic and somewhat realistic. I am just learning most of these techniques and discovering my style. Hungry for knowledge, materials and time to dive into the unknown, I am, like I said, on fire!

I am living in Bellingham with the love of my life, Larry (another deeply impactful muse) and our two Yorkie-mix pups, Sophie and Miley.

Thanks so much for your interest,

Kathy Baldwin